Coarse Fishing in the Highlands of Scotland

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Pike Fishing Tackle

If you are considering pike fishing always make sure you are professionally equipped. Have a large enough 'specimen' landing net (minimum 36" inch, 91 cm mouth) similar to the one pictured. A selection of forceps from 7 to 12 inches in length for unhooking fish, a pair of pliers/wire cutters in case of that emergency when you have to cut your hooks if very deep hooked (avoid deep hooking by always striking as soon as a pike 'runs'). A glove if you are unsure of handling a fish with teeth. If you do not feel confident unhooking and handling pike THEN YOU SHOULD NOT BE FISHING FOR THEM! A strong weigh sling for placing your fish into if you intend to weigh it (this is not a dead salmon, never attach your weigh scales to a live fishes gills for weighing). Your weigh sling can also double up as somewhere to place your fish for unhooking if you are surrounded by only 'rough ground', so avoiding possible damage to your fish before its' gentle return to the water.



 A typical terminal (snap tackle) rig for pike fishing. Two size 4 or 6 treble hooks, either barbless or crushed. Attached to an 18" inch (min) length of 20-30lb multi strand stainless steel trace wire. With a size 6 swivel for attaching to your main line.

Main line breaking strain should be around 15-18lb for Highland piking. 12lb being a little light and sea fishing line being excessive and unsporting.



Fishing Two Rods

When pike fishing, sometimes two rods are used each using a different 'fishing method', for instance one can be float fishing a bait while the other is legering or perhaps even a variation in baits. This can make locating fish on a large water a little easier. What is the chair for? My bad back after a long session ;-)


Fishing Umbrella

A fishing umbrella is sometimes a useful accessory for rainy days! You can secure it safely with a few tent guy ropes and pegs.



Fishing Shelter

Occasionally a little more weather protection is required in the form of a fishing shelter. Or perhaps even a tent/bivvie for an overnight eel session where permitted.

Fishing Van

What is this piece of fishing equipment? This is the fishing van! It runs on diesel, carries all the food you need, and even that equipment that you will never need except in a 'survival' situation (yes, fishing in the Highlands can be fishing on the edge) ;-). If pushed you can even sleep in it :-).
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