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Private and confidential? When you use an automated submission system such as "Launch" from NNH, you should be aware that the administrator has the opportunity of storing the information you submit in a file. This could then perhaps be used for a direct marketing campaign, etc. Do we? NO, this option is currently disabled on "Launch" and even if it was enabled we are not really interested in you! We know, we know you have the best web site on the planet, but we are just too busy to visit it! OK, if we get around to using it we may have a look, if only to see how weird and wonderful you really are :-)
So why is it free? We don't know, we haven't worked that one out yet ;-)
"Launch" currently lists the major search engines and directories. It did originally list more, however we found that many directories are simply there to list your details with the intention of adding you to a marketing list, then bombarding you with junk mail. Also many directories are seldom visited. Do you really need to be listed with thousands of obscure directories that will send you spam until 2099?
If you can't find it here - don't bother!

Webmaster "Launch" from May 1999


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