Choosing Your Taxidermist

Choosing a taxidermist is always difficult. Start with your local yellow pages or country life publications, ask friends.

Friends may tell you that the work prepared by a certain business is the best they have ever seen! But exactly how much taxidermy have they seen? Put your specimen into a freezer and visit a few businesses.

Look around the showroom at the recently prepared specimens on display, look at the work carefully, does it truly represent the animal you want it to? How well is the work constructed? Will it last?

You could even ask how the skin of the specimen has been preserved? Is there enough choice in design styles? Does the business appear to be efficiently run? What are the estimated completion schedules, are they reasonable? How much does it cost again? Prices do vary!

What is the business really like! Is it really a business or a shed in someones back garden? How long have they been in business? How many staff do they have? Be Warned - Will they still be there in six months time?!!

If your specimen is a hunting trophy is that business a trade member of a hunting or shooting organisation, does it support YOU? If so shouldn't you consider supporting it!

If your specimen is a hunting trophy, possibly a once in a lifetime animal for you, is the business premises insured at the very least against fire and theft? Does the building look secure??

After all that you should be well on your way to deciding which taxidermy firm is for you.




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