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How Can I Find a Job in the UK Taxidermy Industry?

This is a question Northern Natural History is frequently asked, regrettably there are currently very few taxidermy jobs advertised in Britain. You could start by writing to a few local firms in your area or some of the larger museums or universities to see if they have any, or know of any positions becoming available, but be prepared to travel.
Training is from three to five years depending on your current knowledge of wildlife. A good background in natural history, a childhood spent bird watching will help your progress immensely. A knowledge of hunting/shooting is just not enough to enter the UK taxidermy industry!
A background in model making or experience in the tanning industry will all help. Securing a part-time job could at least give you some practical experience.
If you are over the age of sixteen to eighteen you may find it hard to enter the trade. Be prepared for hard work as you will start as a skinner and the fleshing of large game hides is no easy task!
Very importantly make sure that any business which takes you on has adequate employers liability insurance and is aware of current health and safety issues within the trade.
Good Luck...

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