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Bases & Model Making Ideas for Northern Natural History's Taxidermy

Prices Correct at Time of Publication - 2009


Below are some images of 'ideas' for your taxidermy mounts. These should aid you in deciding how you would like your taxidermy mounts 'set up' by Northern Natural History.
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The majority of our 'table top' small animal mounts come set on our 'Natural Earth Finish Bases' These are finished in various earth colours from woodland soil to sandy beach (Sutherland gray been the most popular). Complete with additional 'habitat' materials if required. Some taxidermy mounts come set on pieces of 'drift wood', these are individually selected pieces of wood collected from the beaches of east Sutherland close to our workshops. Our bases also come with a set of our 'gliders' on their underside to help protect your furniture from scratches. These bases are included in the price of all of our taxidermy mounts.

Varnished 'Rustic Timber Slices'. These are also available for table top mounts. The smallest size being suitable for mounts such as small perching birds set on small branches. The medium for small mammals such as squirrel and stoat. Our largest rustic timber slice is suitable for animals up to the size of mink, polecat and even possibly a small pine marten. These bases are additional to the cost of our taxidermy mounts and vary from £8 - £18 GBP.

For those without table top space, one of our 'Wall Mounted' displays may be more suitable. This can be achieved with either one of our varnished 'rustic timber slices' or 'natural finish' earth bases. These mounts are usually best suited to perching birds to be set onto a branch or natural wood stump. Our natural finish bases are included in the price of our taxidermy mounts, however the rustic timber slices are additional at £12 - £18 GBP.

Picture frame display bases, one of many alternative bases available from Northern Natural History (pictured here with a few replica stones). Prices start from an additional £10 GBP.

Many of our finished mounts are complimented with a small amount of 'Natural Habitat Finish' if required. Utilising a mix of synthetic vegetation and dried foliage. This finish is often included in the price of our taxidermy mounts.

'Beach Pebbles' are a novel mounting idea developed by Northern Natural History. These are suitable for office desk tops in a 'paper weight' style. They are best suited to small mounts such as red grouse, ptarmigan, woodcock or even an upright standing stoat. Please not that our maximum drilling depth is 2" inches (5cm) and that we are unable to drill some types of rock. These bases are additional at £10 GBP each.

'Hand Turned Hardwood Bases' add an additional 'elegance' to a finished mount. These are available from Northern Natural History in two sizes, 6.5" inches (16cm) approx, suitable for small bird mounts such as red grouse, ptarmigan or woodcock, and 7.5" inches (19cm) approx for slightly larger mounts such as small birds of prey up to tawny owl size, which are usually set perched on a natural wood stump. These hardwood bases are additional to the cost of our taxidermy mounts at £16 - £18 GBP.

'Hand Crafted Replica Stones' These small stones are available for setting small mounts onto. They are generally suitable for mounts such as red grouse or ptarmigan. Single hand crafted stones are quite often included in the price of our taxidermy mounts.
Please note that we do not retail any of these bases or 'mounting materials' without our own taxidermy work.




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