Coarse Fishing in the Highlands of Scotland
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Due to work commitments NO FURTHER UPDATES of this website are planned at this time

These pages will remain 'as is', as a rough location guide for Highland Coarse Fishing

I hope you still find them useful

Richard Paylor - Brora


Welcome to Coarse Fishing in the Highlands
The web site for anglers pioneering coarse fishing in the far north

The information contained in these pages concerning fish availability, prices quoted etc are to be taken as a '
guide only' however are accurate to the best of our current knowledge.
It is up to the individual angler to seek confirmation before starting to fish at any location.

These web pages can be linked to, but this information
CANNOT be copied, printed or reproduced in any way or form without our express written permission.
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Coarse fishing in the Highlands currently covers the area from Fort William in the west across to Dalwhinnie, then up to Aberlour (Moray) in the east, and all the way north to John-o'-Groats. There are of course other coarse fishing venues further south such as Loch Awe and Loch Tay and others around the Pitlochry area up into Aberdeenshire, however this is currently considered too large an area for us to maintain accurate records on.

If you have a new fishing location, local information or a new species e-mail: fish ( @ ) for us to add your information.

Mailing List If you would like to be informed of updates and receive information on private estate lochs not listed on this web site, send a blank e-mail with 'mailing list' as the subject to: fish ( @ )

The Highlands of Scotland The BIG Fishing Country

Richard & Bruce with Two 20lb+ Pike
Two 20lb+ Pike on 23rd April 2009


Information checked & updated: Last major update July 2007 - Minor Updates April 2009
~ = Fishing Location
BOATS= Boat fishing available

The Highland Weather Forecast Updated...
INFO = Additional Information
 Disabled Access= Disabled access possible

List from top of the country down!

~ Loch Bad an Scalaig - Hydro Loch (South of Gairloch). PIKE
~ Dubh Loch. PIKE
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait. Sunday fishing OK. Bank fishing permit for Loch Bad an Scalaig £3 (2009) daily, £15 weekly. BOATSBoat available (check times) at £12 per day + £3 per extra rod (angler), max two anglers to the boat. Contact Farm & Garden Store, Gairloch Tel: 01445 712038.
INFODubh Loch is joined with Loch Bad an Scalaig to make one large Hydro loch. Try the 'Red Stable' Lochan to the north east corner as a good starting point (

Loch Glascarnoch (north of Garve) [location images]. PIKE
Loch Glascarnoch
Live Weather WEBCAM
Loch Achanalt (west of Garve) [location images]. PIKE, PERCH
Loch a` Chuilinn (west of Garve) [location images]. PIKE, PERCH
Loch Luichart (west of Garve) [location images]. PIKE, PERCH
Loch Garve (nr Garve) [location images]. PIKE, PERCH
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait. Float fished earth worm etc for Perch. Sunday fishing OK. No permit required. Contact: Sports & Model Shop, Dingwall Tel: 01349 862346.
INFOLoch Glascarnoch - Large remote reservoir next to A835, ample car parking at five points along A835. Westerly corner next to road looks most pleasing as is secluded from road by small pine wood. This loch can have a good snow fall in the winter, avoid getting stuck on the wrong side of the snow gates! You can also contact
Aultguish Inn Tel: 01997 455254.
INFOLoch Achanalt - At times a quite exposed treeless loch, car parking at one point just off A832 on eastern edge. Good numbers of 'small' pike present. Midge head net may be required for the summer in some areas on wind free days.
INFOLoch a' Chuilinn - Nice loch with many accessible bays (on road side A832) with plenty of fishing options and a reasonable number of pike present. Car parking close by at a number of places along the A832. Midge head net required for summer months!
The area around Loch a' Chuilinn, Luichart & Achanalt can, in the spring frequently have a regular morning frost, when other northern lochs can be quite clear!
INFOLoch Luichart - Large loch with good numbers of perch present in some areas. Access is possible at the north end from a number of parking places along the A832 such as Luichart railway station. If you are travelling by train this is an excellent spot for easy railway access. Midge head net may be required for the summer on wind free days.
INFOLoch Garve - The majority of this loch is managed by the Forestry Commission so no permission to fish is required in their area (
map). A nice loch, mostly tree lined with pike present. Access from the A835 on the southern edge where a small number of parking options are available, over the Highland railway (single track line), where access possible to the loch side. This area is a good option if you need to get away from some of the more midge infested lochs in the summer. Access to the north east side of the loch can be made from the A835 just east of the village of Contin, take the Forestry Commission road to Torrachilty Forest. Follow this road/dirt track for approx four miles following the signed track for Garve, where you will eventually come out at the north east corner of the loch.







~Loch a` Chroisg & Loch Crann (nr Achnasheen) [location images]. PIKE, PERCH
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait. Float fished earth worm etc for Perch. Sunday fishing OK. Bank fishing only. No permit required. Contact: Ledgowen Lodge Hotel Tel: 01445 720252.
INFOLoch a`Chroisg is a quite large and at times quite exposed (but midge free) treeless loch. Car parking at a number of places on the grass verge along the A832. Numerous small bays with pike present. Loch Crann at the head of a`Chroisg also contains pike, but is quite a good walk from the main loch!
~Loch Gowen (south of Achnasheen) [location images]. PIKE, PERCH
This loch is not far from Loch a` Chroisg (see above), the landowner will usually allow access to this loch without any problems.
INFOSmallish, treeless loch on the side of the A890. Pike and perch present in reasonable numbers. Car parking close by at two points on A890.

Disabled AccessGeddes Fishery (Dorres nr Nairn) [location images]. PERCH, EEL [image]
Game fishery with one small coarse lochan. Any method coarse fishing. Open 1st March-31st December. Sunday fishing OK. NO NIGHT FISHING. Max hook size 16. Daily permit £8 (2006) available on site. Contact: Peter Bowles at Geddes Fishery Tel Mobile: 07748 177541 or 01667 404377.
INFOSecluded pretty lochan, now appears to only contain perch!. Parking available next to water. Take a midge head net for the summer!

Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery (Aberlour). CARP, TENCH, BREAM, ROACH, GUDGEON
This fishery has one coarse fishing loch. Any method coarse fishing. NO GROUND BAITING. Open daily 8.30 - 10pm including Sunday. £7 for one rod and £10 for two. Daily permit details contact, Glen of Rothes Trout Fishery Tel: 01340 831888.
INFOThis water reportedly has some extremely large Scottish carp to 30lb! Tench to 4lb and bream to 2lb.

Loch Ussie (Dingwall) [location images]. PIKE, PERCH, EEL
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait. Leger earth worm etc for eels. Sunday fishing OK. NO CAMPING. Bank fishing only, Daily permit £6 (2005) from Seaforth Highland Country Estate, Brahan Tel: 01349 865505.
INFOPicturesque loch abundant in wildlife, lots of reedy/tree lined edges, abundance of pond weed. Access from car park on south westerly peninsula. Seaforth Highland Country Estate also offer holiday cottages with which comes FREE fishing (2005).

Loch Bunachton (south of Daviot). PIKE, PERCH
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait. Float fished earth worm etc for perch. Sunday fishing OK. Daily permit £10 (2003) dawn - dusk, BOATSBoat available £20 day up to three rods (anglers) from Mr Mclurg Tel: day 01463 242222, evening 01808 521280.

Loch Duntelchaig & Loch nan Geadas (nr Dores, Inverness) [location images]. PIKE, PERCH updated 28th April 09
MAX TWO RODS ONLY. ALL PIKE RIGS TO EMPLOY WIRE TRACES. ALL PIKE TO BE RETURNED. NO LIVE BAIT. NO GROUND BAIT. (Loch nan Geades, any dogs to be kept on lead). Water Authority water. Contact: North of Scotland Water Authority Tel: 0845 743 7437 or 0845 6018855. 2009 issuers of permits for this water are currently unknown by the water board!!
INFOLarge tree lined loch, plenty of car parking loch side. Three fingers of water on southern end, most northerly of which is Loch nan Geadas, appear most promising, some nice weedy/reedy edges. Loch nan Geadas has a good number of pike present but now very very over fished!Disabled Access Disabled access possible with assistance at north end.
Loch Ceo Glais (south west of Loch Duntelchaig). PIKE
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait. Float fished earth worm etc for perch. Sunday fishing OK. No permit required. Contact: J Graham & Co, Inverness Tel: 01463 233178














Loch Ness. PIKE, EEL
Loch only, not river!. Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait etc. Sunday fishing OK. No permit required for Loch. Contact: Rod & Gun Shop, Fort William Tel: 01397 702656 or J Graham & Co, Inverness Tel: 01463 233178.
INFOReportedly, the southern end of the loch around Fort Augustus is currently fishing better for pike.
BOATSA public slipway for power boat launching is located at Dores, next to the Dores Inn, on the north eastern side of the loch. However it is not possible to boat fish for coarse fish on Loch Ness at this time because of so many 'game' fishing restrictions!!!

Loch nam Bàt (north of Milton) [location images]. PIKE, PERCH
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait. Float fished earth worm etc for Perch. Sunday fishing OK. NO DOGS. No permit required. Contact: Mrs Younie Tel: 01456 450331.
INFONice sheltered loch containing pike and perch. There are a number of other small lochs in this area also, Loch Gorm, Loch nam Faoileag & Lochan an Torra Bhuidhe all reportedly contain pike and perch. Parking is at the side of the A833 on a sharp bend in the road, look out for the fence foot crossing stile, and follow this path to Loch nam Bàt. There is quite often some confusion in this area as to which loch is nam Bàt, but if you park by the stile and follow the path it is the loch at the end of the path. At Loch nam Faoileag you will find some newly built properties and it is possible the land owner will discurrage you from fishing that loch!!

Loch Achaidh na h-lnich (south of Plockton). PIKE
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait. Sunday fishing OK. No permit required.

Loch Cluanie (north west of Invergarry) [location images]. PIKE
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait. Sunday fishing OK. No permit required. Contact Cluanie Inn Tel: 01320 340238 OR Cluanie Lodge Tel: 01320 340262.
INFOLarge, bleak, treeless reservoir next to A87. Car parking at numerous points along road side. This water has many features with numerous fishing options and pike present in good numbers in some places. 'The lochan' at the side of the main loch, east of the village of Lundie on the A87 is a popular pike fishing area with plenty of easy parking, it is quite over fished though. Midge head net required for wind free summer evenings/mornings.

Loch Loyne (north west of Invergarry). PIKE
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait. Sunday fishing OK. Bank fishing only. No permit required however access is by 'key', available from the Tomdoun Hotel - they ask you to patron the hotel perhaps with a meal if not staying. Contact Tomdoun Hotel Tel: 01809 511218.

Loch Garry (nr Invergarry) [location images]. PIKE
Spinning, float fished dead bait if boat fishing or legering possible if bank fishing. Sunday fishing OK. NO PERMIT required for bank fishing. BOATSTomdoun Hotel has two boats available for this loch at £35 (2005) per day inc motor or £25 rowing only. Contact Tomdoun Hotel Tel: 01809 511218. Ardochy House Tel: 01809 511292 has holiday cottages next to Loch Garry also, short stay and out of season available.
INFOLarge tree lined loch with pike present. Easy parking at numerous places.

For more information on fishing and boat hire on Loch Garry see:

Loch Oich (nr Invergarry) [location images]. PIKE, EEL
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait etc. Leger earth worm etc for eels. Sunday fishing OK. NO CAMPING. No permit required for pike fishing for the north end of the loch from the weir along the road side (A82) to approx 1/4 mile on the north side of the river Garry mouth (map) contact Miss Ellis Tel: 01809 501287. BANK FISHING ONLY AT THE NORTH END. The south end of the loch up to the castle does not require a permit either .
INFOLong tree lined loch with pike present, plenty of fishing options along road side (A82). Car parking at two points at the north end along the A82. Southern access is also from the A82 with car parking available at various places.
BOATSBoat hire is available for the southern end (NO BOAT FISHING ALLOWED NORTH) at £70 (2005) per day with motor, available from Monster Activities, Great Glen Water Park, South Laggan Tel: 01809 501340.













Loch Pityoulish (east of Aviemore). PIKE
Spinning or float fished dead bait. NO SUNDAY FISHING. BOATSBOAT FISHING ONLY. April - September only. Daily permit £16.50 (2005) one rod £24.75 two rods (anglers) two anglers to boat only. ONLY ONE BOAT SO BOOK IN ADVANCE. Contact: Rothiemurchus Estate & Fishery Tel: 01479 810703.

Disabled access possibleLoch Morlich (south east of Aviemore) [location images]. PIKE
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait. Sunday fishing OK. NO LIVE BAIT. NO LOCH SIDE CAMPING. Daily permit adults £4.50 juveniles £2.50 weekly permit adults £15.00 juveniles £8.00 (2005). Available on site from Forest Enterprise at the Glenmore Forest Visitor Centre Tel: 01479 861220.
INFOA Forestry Commission managed loch, Loch Morlich is the site of an extensive water sports centre and a very popular tourist area so fishing can sometimes be difficult, however pike are present in some areas in good numbers. Easy access to the loch can be made from the north car parks, Loch Morlich car park & Lochside car park
map, (parking £1, no overnight parking). However these are very busy tourist car parks. A better option may be the Hay Field car park map (parking £1, no overnight parking) or park on the right hand side of the Glenmore forest road just next to the river, north of the Hay Field car park. Then take one of the many Forestry Commission marked footpaths to the loch. BOATSBoats (ROWING ONLY, no engines are allowed on this loch!) are available from Loch Morlich Watersports (Tel: 01479 861221), at £30 (2005) per day or £16 for an evening. The Glenmore Caravan & Camping Site (Tel: 01479 861271) is on the loch side too, so is only a short walk if camping. Expect an early morning frost on most spring days in this area, even up until the beginning of May.

Loch Alvie (nr Aviemore) [location images]. PIKE, EEL
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait. Leger earth worm etc for eels. Sunday fishing for Pike OK. Day permit for bank fishing £10 (2005). Contact Kinrara Estate, estate office (Wiltshire) Andrea Poole? Tel: 01747 ?????? (number not currently known)! Or the local estate maintenance manager Ken Taylor 07759 711283. Alvie Estate, Kincraig also issue permits for a section of this water these are also £10 per day, £45 per week for bank fishing Tel: 01540 651255.
INFOLoch Alvie permits are issued by two estates as detailed above, Kinrara managing a much larger area of the loch. Kinrara Estate access is through a closed private access gate located approx 75 yards north of The Rowan Tree Country Hotel on the B9152. Parking is available close to the loch, Disabled access possibledisabled access possible with assistance.

Alvie estate offers a limited stretch of bank on the southern edge (map). Access to the loch and parking is also from the B9152 at the sign for Alvie Manse,Disabled access possibledisabled access is possible with assistance. Pike are present in this area and in reasonably good numbers. BOATSA boat (ROWING ONLY) is also available from Alvie estate at £15 (2005) per day plus £10 for an extra rod (angler). Alvie Estate also runs the nearby Dalraddy Holiday Park (Tel: 01479 810330) a caravan and camping site. Note that all vehicles are locked into this park until 7am so if you intend to fish early mornings leave your vehicle outside the park. Both Loch Alvie and Beag (see below) are a reasonable walking distance from Dalraddy Holiday Park if you travel light and are reasonably fit!

Loch Beag (Alvie Estate) [location image]. PIKE
Loch Insh (nr Kincraig). PIKE
INFOLoch Beag - A small reed edged loch located at the southern corner of Loch Alvie access to this loch is limited because of reeds and bank cover.Disabled access possibleDisabled access possible at one point along road side. Permits for this water are issued by Alvie Estate at the above rates.
INFOLoch Insh - Located further south near Kincraig, Alvie estate also the permit issuers, only offer a small strip of bank for fishing here (
map) and as this is also the location of Loch Insh Watersports, fishing is possibly quite difficult because of the number of visitors however pike are present. BOATSA boat is also available at £18 (2005) per day plus £12 for an extra rod (angler), a motor is also available for the boat at an extra £10.





River Spey (Laggan to Newtonmore). [map] PIKE
Lochain Uvie (east of Laggan). [map] PIKE
Loch Laggan (south west of Laggan). PIKE
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait. Sunday fishing OK. NO LIVE BAIT. Fishing on Loch Laggan is along roadside (A86) ONLY. Day permit for all three waters £9 (2005), weekly permit £27, season permit £45 from Sandy Bennett (Bailiff), Kingussie Tel: 01540 661645 and various local outlets. NOTE: Fishing rules state one rod only, no dead bait, no bank sticks, however if you are equipped for pike fishing these are acceptable - good idea to check with bailiff first!
INFOSee map for where to fish along river Spey. Lochain Uvie is a small loch located just north of this stretch of the river Spey.

Loch Arkaig (north west of Spean Bridge) [location images]. PIKE
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait (no minnow dead bait). NO LIVE BAIT. NO CAMPING WITHOUT CAMPING PERMIT. Sunday fishing for pike OK. Daily fishing permit £15 (2011) per rod (angler), sunrise to sunset only. Available from a clearly sign posted bothy on the B8005 where payment (by cheque) can be deposited. Or from 'Bidwells' the Lochiel Estates agent on Fort William 01397 702433.
INFOLong, narrow picturesque loch bordered by mountainous country, pike present. Many many bays with numerous fishing options and parking close by. Disabled access possibleDisabled access possible with assistance at numerous places. The single track road that runs along the northern edge of the loch is very rough and hilly (four wheel drive advisable), if travelling to the very end (approx 20 miles) this would take around one hour. Very popular loch with tourists and pike anglers. Possibly very 'over fished' in many places. You may encounter problems with some 'pike only' anglers lighting fires, defecating on footpaths and leaving rubbish behind. Midge head net required for the summer!
BOATSBoat fishing is possible using your own boat (motors allowed), launching from the slipway at the eastern end of the loch. DAY/FISHING BOATS ONLY. £35 (2011) per day for two rods (anglers), weekly permit £105 (available from Bidwells) again for two rods (anglers) 15th March - 6th Oct, ADDITIONAL winter boat permit required for pike fishing!

Loch Lochy (south of Invergarry) [location images]. PIKE, EEL
Loch Treig (south east of Spean Bridge) [location images]. PIKE
Spinning, leger or float fished dead bait. Sunday fishing OK. No permit required. Contact: Rod & Gun Shop, Fort William Tel: 01397 702656
INFOLoch Lochy - Long narrow loch bordered by picturesque high mountains. A British Waterways water, no permission to fish required. Fishing is possible in some places along the eastern edge on the A82 where there is ample parking, however this is a quite featureless area. Other options are to take the Forestry Commission (single track road) to Kilfinnan a few miles north of the loch on the A82, until the road comes back close to the loch. Alternatively to fish the south east edge (no camping) accessed from the B8005 (single track road), from the canal to 'Clunes', parking where available off road.
BOATSIt may also be possible to launch a day/fishing boat onto this loch using a private slipway, one is located at Gairlochy, owned by Mr D Stevenson (Tel: 01397 712257) for which a small charge may be payable.
INFOLoch Treig - Long narrow reservoir with pike present. Access by car from just one point off the A86 sign posted to Fersit. Parking available at the end of this road (single track), then a half mile walk to the reservoir dam wall.

Mailing List If you would like to be informed of updates and receive information on private estate lochs not listed on this web site, send a blank e-mail with 'mailing list' as the subject to: fish ( @ )
~ Species
Pike, perch, eel and minnow are indigenous species. It is quite likely that other species such as roach, dace, rudd and carp are also present, however as no one currently fishes for them reports are sketchy.
~ The Fishing Season
There is currently no 'closed season' for coarse fish in Scotland. The best months for coarse fishing in the Highlands are usually the beginning of April to the beginning of October, winter fishing being quite poor.

~ Fishing Permission, Licences and Permits
No fishing/rod licence is required for fishing in Scotland however a fishing permit is often requested by a local water authority or land owner. It is often thought that when coarse fishing in Scotland no permission is required, this is not so - always seek permission to fish before doing so! The general consensus is that if a request to purchase a permit is made, then pay. Some do say that as there are few laws currently relating to coarse fishing in Scotland that landowners can not request a permit fee for these species, however getting into a disagreement with a landowner or bailiff over this issue only brings our sport into disrepute.

If the landowner requests that all coarse fish caught must be killed, and they have a netting and killing policy in place, then this should not be acceptable to any coarse angler and may be used as a point for not purchasing a permit (WE PAY TO CONSERVE NOT TO KILL). Do not expect to be able to set up a tent or bivvie next to any water without purchasing a permit if requested.

~ Confusing Laws, Set Lines & Stationary Rods
A 'set line' is a baited fishing line sometimes set between two points having a single or multiple hooks along its length, used by poachers to catch game fish illegally, quite often set at night. This in no way relates to any coarse fishing method. Other Scottish laws relating to having to hold a fishing rod while fishing are outdated and were implemented at a time when very few anglers coarse fished. To avoid confusion it is advisable to take at the most only two rods, as 'stationary' rods (when legering on bank sticks/rod rests) are in some parts of the Highlands still frowned upon. If you go well equipped for coarse fishing only, you should not encounter any problems. Coarse fishing (fishing for pike, perch, eels etc...) should never be confused with or used for an excuse while 'bait' fishing for trout, that is using a 'controller' float and worm.
~ Angling Methods
For pike fishing, popular methods are float fishing, legering or paternostering with a dead bait such as herring or mackerel. Other coarse fish such as perch are usually taken on float fished or legered earth worm and eels are always keen on a bundle of legered earth worms or even a half sprat dead bait.
~ Returning Fish
Most coarse fishing in the Highlands is catch and release in the hope of maintaining stocks, just occasionally some pike (under 4lb) are retained for eating. A photo lasts far longer than a dead fish!

 ~ Equipment, Camping & Survival
Warm waterproof clothing is a must when fishing in the Highlands as the weather can change in only a few minutes, never underestimate this environment. It is advisable to travel light as access to many lochs is difficult and usually means a good walk. Thermal base layers are quite often required even in the middle of summer, always carry plenty of food (take your rubbish home with you), some insect repellent/midge net, a mobile phone and a good map. The lighting of fires is generally frowned upon by landowners because of the risk of hill/forest fire. If you do light an open fire remember to clear up afterwards.

Always tell someone where you will be fishing!

Tents/bivvies are not popular in the Highlands because of their association with 'waterside camping', if you do need some wet weather cover consider a fishing umbrella.

This is not fishing this is an adventure!

Equipment/Tackle Images

~ Drinking Water

Many of our lochs and reservoirs are a source of drinking water. ALWAYS follow the following advice while fishing at any location which is a source of drinking water.
NEVER urinate or defecate (including dogs) within 100 metres of ANY waters edge OR its tributaries. DO NOT dispose of used dead bait into the water. NO ground baiting. NO bathing or washing. NEVER leave ANY rubbish behind!

~ Bait
Pike fishing bait Predator Baits Ltd and Baits Direct.
~ Notable Scottish Venues
The Lowland Canals
~ Mail Order & Online Coarse Fishing Tackle Suppliers
Lathams Fishing
~ Coarse Fishing Magazines
Angling Times
Pike & Predators

~ Scottish Coarse Fishing Organisations

Scottish Federation for Coarse Angling

Pike Anglers Alliance for Scotland

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