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Wildlife legislation requirements for British taxidermists, antique dealers, auction houses etc…
This information is to be taken as a 'rough guide', full details from DEFRA in Bristol

Correct at Time of Publication - March 2006 - Reader Advised to Check for Amendments from UK Licensing Bodies



ANNEX A (Article 10)

All ANNEX A (Official Journal or the European Communities) listed species require European Community (Article 10) exemption certificates (available from DEFRA). These species include ALL birds of prey and owls, the European common otter (Lutra lutra) and Scottish wild cat (Felis silvestris grampia). Many antique pre 1st June 1947 (pre wildlife legislation) specimens will be exempt. Article 10 certificates cover the keeping for sale, display to the public, advertising for sale and sale of specimens.
Official Journal of the European Union, listing all ANNEX A, B & C species (CITES_13322005.pdf). If in doubt LICENCE!
Application form for an Article 10 certificate (FED 1012.doc)

Schedule 5

Some wild British species of mammals, reptiles and amphibians also require a licence under Schedule 5 of the 1981 Wildlife & Countryside Act. Known as a Schedule 5 License (available from DEFRA). These species include the pine marten (Martes martes) and red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris). The otter and wild cat are also on this list so these species would require TWO licenses.
Full List of Schedule 5 Animals (Schedule_5_Animals)
Application to sell a protected species: Animals or Plants listed on Schedule 5 of Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (WLF 14.pdf)

Keepers Log

ALL OTHER wild species of British birds (with the exception of some game species), require the owner to keep a Log detailing where and how they were acquired and their subsequent purchaser details.
Example for a Keepers Log
If in doubt, log ALL specimens! Especially if dealing with species such as the badger (Meles meles), which may not require specific licenses.
It is advisable to request a signed declaration from the supplier of a dead specimen stating how it was acquired when dealing with ANNEX A or Schedule 5 'first contact' specimens. (First Contact generally refers to taxidermists dealing with specimens coming from the wild and being their first time logged and certificated. NOT REQUESTED for subsequent sales).


Sellers/keepers of logs of wild British birds (including their parts and derivatives) are required to submit an Annual Report to DEFRA (by 31st December each year) detailing all ANNEX A species sold, for which Article 10 certificates have been issued. Also a basic report detailing ALL OTHER wild British birds sold (if 'first contact'), listing simply, species, cause of death and numbers sold. It is also frequently a requirement of the issue of a schedule 5 licence that a report/notification of its sale is sent to the relevant issuing authority.
Example of Annual Report for Article 10 Species (.jpg image) Available from DEFRA.
Example of Annual Report for all other Wild British Bird Species (Word.doc)
Exempt 'Game' Species List

If you are a taxidermist or deal in animal products you will probably need to do ALL of the above.
Antique Dealers
If you are an antique dealer you may need to keep a log or apply for Article 10 certificates or Schedule 5 licenses for items produced after 1st June 1947.
Auction Houses
If you are an auction house you will need to check that your clients are aware of this legislation and have applied for Article 10 certificates or Schedule 5 licences for items newer than 1st June 1947, if this is a requirement for the species they are selling.




Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs
Wildlife Licensing & Registration Service
Floor 1, Zone 17
Temple Quay House
2 The Square
Temple Quay
Tel: 0117 372 8692 or see web site
OR by keepers/sellers surname
A - B 0117 372 8293
C & S 0117 372 8293/8649/8777
D 0117 372 8619
E - F 0117 372 6095
G - J 0117 372 8649
K - N 0117 372 8120
O - R 0117 372 8777
T- Z 0117 372 8229

Fax: 0117 372 8206


Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species web site (CITES_UK)
Joint Nature Conservation Committee (web site)
Guidance Notes for Antique Dealers (.pdf)
If you trade in wildlife products download your licences and read them!
Licence to sell dead birds (WLF 100096.pdf)
Licence to sell certain dead wild birds, and their derivatives (WLF 100092.pdf)
Licence to permit the sale of certain captive bred native species of bird (WLF 100095.pdf)
Licence to sell birds (previously Article 10 certificated specimens) (WLF 100103.pdf)




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