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Sadly the automobile is the number one killer of wildlife in Britain. This has led to increasing demands on UK taxidermy businesses to accommodate this expanding market and has consequently led to the large and varied number of modern mounted animals currently seen in UK homes. You could say that that makes the British taxidermy industry something of an environmentally aware recycling industry!
British law permits UK taxidermists to prepare protected and 'non protected' birds and mammals for you. If you find a road casualty or window strike etc, as the finder, you are the 'legal owner' of that item (if legally acquired) and as such you may have it mounted by a taxidermy firm.

Prevention of decomposition is paramount. Wrap the specimen in a number of plastic bags and freeze as soon as possible..

The regulations controlling the sale of protected birds, mammals and their derivatives is governed by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Professional taxidermy firms keep a full stock record, which show all specimen movement details. When offering protected animals for sale they will supply details of their current licensing requirements. They will also submit an 'annual report' to D.E.F.R.A.
All UK taxidermy business premises are classed as 'technical plants' and as such are regulated by their local authority concerning waste disposal, health and safety issues etc. They will also carry a public liability insurance for visitors to their premises. Their stock - your commissions - will also be insured.
If you wish to sell an item of already mounted taxidermy contact D.E.F.R.A. using the links below.
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